JPT Portal

Jim Pearson Transport Staff

Employee Forms

Complaint Form (79KB PDF)
Contractor Summary Requirements (73KB PDF)
Driver Pay Card – Driver’s weekly work, site assessment, and trip schedule (26KB PDF)
Employee Personal Profile (667KB PDF)
Holiday Leave Applications (636KB PDF)
Holiday Request (26KB PDF)
Incident Notification Report Form (24KB PDF)
Risk/Hazard Reporting (41KB PDF)
Safety Alert 1 King Pins (61KB PDF)
Safety Alert 2 Eye Wash (83KB PDF)
Safety Alert 3 Wood Nylon Skid Plate (184KB PDF)
Safety Alert 4 Tyre Rack (88KB PDF)
Safety Alert 5 Trailer Brake Clamps (87KB PDF)
Safety Alert 6 Argosy Stairs (61KB PDF)
Time Cards (126KB PDF)

Training and Information Documents

All About Workers Compensation – A Guide for Employees (224KB PDF)
Contractor Handbook (354KB PDF)
Return to Work Easy Reference Guide (26KB PDF)
Workers Compensation Notice of Rights Statement (70KB PDF)